Sea-ice, heatwaves, and marine plastics: Upcoming M4PE seminar speakers announced

We are pleased to announce the upcoming speakers at the Mathematics for Planet Earth (M4PE) seminar.

August 27: Bishakhdatta Gayen (Australian National University)

Bishak Gayen is a Research Fellow at the Research School of Earth Sciences at Australian National University.  His current research interests are nonlinear internal waves in the ocean, turbulent convection, modeling of Antarctic ice melting and Southern ocean dynamics. Bishak was awarded an ARC DECRA fellowship in 2013, and received the RJL Hawke post-doctoral fellowship from the Australian Antarctic Science Program to study subsurface melting of ice shelves around Antarctic with implications for future global sea level rise.

November 5th (Note: new date): Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick (UNSW Sydney)

Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick is an ARC Future Fellow at the Climate Change Research Centre, UNSW Sydney. Her most recent research has pioneered how heatwaves are measured, what drives them, how they will change in a warming climate, and the human contribution behind these changes. Sarah received a 2013 Young Tall Poppy Award for excellence in science communication in 2013; was shortlisted for a Eureka prize in 2014; was named once of UNSW’s 20 Rising Stars who will Change the world in 2016, and also won the 2016 Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society early career researcher award.

October 17: Erik van Sebille (Utrecht University)

Erik van Sebille is an Associate Professor in oceanography and climate change in the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Erik’s research focuses on how currents and eddies in the ocean transport heat and nutrients, as well as marine organisms and plastics between different regions of the ocean. He uses both data from ocean observations as well as from computer simulations of the ocean to understand how different regions of the ocean are connected. Erik was awarded an ARC DECRA fellowship in 2013, and received the 2016 Outstanding Young Scientist Award from the European Geosciences Union Ocean Division.



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