Fluid transport by vortex ring entrainment

Vortices are rotating bodies of fluid that remain coherent for long periods, and are frequently observed in the atmosphere, ocean, and in laboratory experiments. Observations and simulations of vortices indicate that they are important for transporting properties such as heat, biological material, or pollutants over large distances.

While some fluid is transported by the core of the vortex, there is also transport due to ambient fluid that is captured or “entrained” within the outer ring and then travels with the vortex as it propagates. In this project, we will examine transport by entrainment of fluid in the vortex ring, or of multiple vortex rings. Experience with Python is required.

This project is supervised by Dr Shane Keating (UNSW Sydney). Please contact s.keating@unsw.edu.au for more information.

Submit your application by Oct 26 2018 for commencement in Term 1, 2019.