Summer research opportunities

A number of Mathematics for Planet Earth related projects are available for summer research schemes with UNSW’s School of Maths and Stats and the Climate Extremes ARC Centre of Excellence.

These are great opportunities for domestic and international researchers to get a taste of research. Typically they are ideal for students with strong mathematical backgrounds (maths, physics, engineering majors etc) to get exposed to planet earth related topics.

The following projects are specifically proposed by Mathematics for Planet Earth contributors:

Mathematics and Statistics

Project Title: Distilling the ocean’s role in climate using phase diagrams. Supervisor(s):  Dr Jan Zika

Project Title: Lagrangian pathways and the asymmetry of the ocean’s thermohaline circulation Supervisor(s):  Dr Jan Zika

Project Title: How important are two different options for calculating specific volume in the ocean? Supervisor(s): Prof Trevor McDougall

Climate Extremes

Project Title: Pushing the ocean to extremes. Supervisor(s):  Drs Ryan Holmes and Jan Zika

Project Title: Why does the ocean look like an octopus. Supervisor(s):  Drs Jan Zika and Ryan Holmes

For complete lists of projects and details on how to apply see: