Our Mission

Mathematics for Planet Earth is an initiative that seeks to promote mathematical research that benefits our planet and our society.

Our mission is to foster outstanding applied research in mathematics and cognate fields, to communicate the foundational importance of mathematics for scientific and technological progress to the broader public, and to inspire the next generation of researchers, educators, and leaders to make a positive impact on our world.

About us:

We are a group of researchers and educators working in applied mathematics, Earth science, and cognate fields. We seek to promote outstanding applied research by mathematicians, statisticians, and data scientists who use mathematics for the benefit of humanity. We achieve this through media engagement, interdisciplinary seminars, industry linkage workshops, outreach events, and more.

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Get involved:

We are always eager to grow our international team of contributors and sponsors. Please email admin@mathsforearth.com to find out how to get involved:

  • For industry and government partners: Support cutting-edge applied mathematics research that makes a difference by becoming a sponsor. Join industry linkage workshops to form new partnerships with academics and scientists. Reach stellar STEM graduates for internships and hiring.
  • For researchers: advertise your undergraduate, Honours/masters, PhD, or postdoctoral projects on our webpage and social media. Have your research featured on our Contributors page. Participate in workshops, seminars, industry outreach events, and more.
  • For educators and students: find out about new opportunities to carry out applied research that makes a difference. Learn about the state of the art in applied mathematics, statistics, and data science at seminars and workshops. Network with employers at our industry linkage events.